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Resolve the past, reclaim the present and discover your future.


We are qualified, professional counsellors who provide support in a confidential, caring and safe environment.

Sue and Seamus Corcoran completed their counselling training in Sydney, Australia and they relocated to the UK where they now have a private practice in the market town of Leek, Staffordshire. They offer a professional and ethical approach to clients  in a warm and safe environment. The aim of Integrate Counselling and Psychotherapy is to therapeutically empower and support you as an individual, couple and family so that you can meet your potential in the context of your life and goals.

Seamus has worked in the education system both in the UK and Australia as a teacher and therapist. He has worked with children and young people with emotional and behavioural needs in a range of educational settings. As a counsellor he now works with individuals, couples and families to help them resolve problems and to enjoy their relationships more fully. Seamus has a broad range of experience working with families who have experienced trauma.

Sue has spent many years working in the welfare system with poverty, domestic abuse, homelessness and addictions. As a counsellor Sue is committed to helping you to work through and process whatever issue/s bring you to the counselling room. She works with individuals and couples and provides a safe space for you to explore and reach your counselling goals. 

Integrate Counselling and Psychotherapy does not take the view that one size fits all,  and as counsellors, they will work with you and use an approach that suits you and your counselling goals. Whatever brings you to counselling, you can feel confident that we are committed to helping you to live the life that you aim for.

*Please note that Sue is not taking new clients at the moment.


Counselling; Education; Supervision and Enrichment

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Resolve the past, reclaim the present and discover your future.

Integrate counselling and psychotherapy offers individual, relationship and family counselling covering a broad range of life's issues including relationship difficulties, workplace issues, childhood trauma, domestic abuse and addictions. 
We can help you either individually or with relationship dynamics, whether that is as a couple or other family relationships. 
Contact us today to discuss how we can work with towards living the life you want.


Education and Pastoral

We offer supervision to a broad field of professions in order to help you to manage workplace stress and improve your career performance. 

Supervision can help you to manage vicarious trauma; organisational issues and ethical dilemmas. 
Pastoral supervision is offered to pastoral workers and those in the caring professions to help combat compassion fatigue and emotional and spiritual burnout. We also offer training in these areas.
Please contact us to discuss the fees for supervision or training.

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Training and tutoring

Integrate counselling offers training for individuals, schools and charitable organisations so that they can work more effectively with their target group.

We offer training workshops on a range of areas, which include step-parenting and blended families and becoming trauma informed. We are also able to tailor training to your group or organisations specific requirements.
Please contact us to discuss your training requirements.

“When a person realises he has been deeply heard, his eyes moisten. I think in some real sense he is weeping for joy. It is as though he were saying, "Thank God, somebody heard me. Someone knows what it's like to be me” 

Carl R. Rogers


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